Smart Bird Feeder

Etnobird is a nicely designed wild bird feeder that takes photos of birds, counts and feeds them. All feeder activity is instantly viewable in Android and iOS mobile apps, where You can share photos with friends and identify bird species visiting the feeder. All Etnobird feeders are connected to global network, which makes possible to see which birds are visiting their own, neighbour's or any other Etnobird feeder in e.g. Japan, United Kingdom or Canada.

Etnobird is currently in development. Sign up for being the first one to be informed about presales opening.

The team

Heigo Mõlder
Electronics & PR
Heigo knows everything about building durable electronics devices. He is also promoting the feeder in every imaginable time moment.
Tanel Kerstna
Web & mobile
Tanel has extensive experience in project management and software development. He takes care of web server and mobile development.
Marek Jarkovoi
Feeder software
Marek is programming microcontrollers and embedded systems. He will assure that bird data is gathered in feeder.
Ago Mõlder
Feeder software
Ago is a professional in embedded systems and image recognition software development. He makes sure that bird data reaches feeder users.
Riina Libe
Riina does beautiful and functional user interfaces. Your user experience in Etnobird's mobile apps and web page is at Riina's hands.